Pinarello Gran Fondo 2017

The Gran Fondo Pinarello is world renowned with Pinarello bike owners and is an event which many would love to experience, the medium distance 96KM and the longer distance 147KM routes give an option for both the serious racing individual and the rider who wants to sample the beauty of the Venetian countryside whilst testing their endurance through a range of terrains.

Set in the beautiful city of a Treviso, home of Pinarello the ride sets out through the historic streets outside of the original Pinarello shop and quickly hits a long straight stretch of road that leads the riders towards their first set of climbs. With fairly gentle gradients the initial climbs ease the rider into the rest of the race which gradually sees the introduction of some steeper more testing climbs which will almost certainly see the rider out of saddle. Passing a stunning collection of farmland and vineyards along the way riders will feel blessed to experience such sights with the flow of air acting to cool in the heat from the summer sun. After the final decent cyclists will find themselves rejoining the long stretch which saw their depart enabling them to begin a time trial type effort if working alone or catch the back of a train and really build the speed back in to the line. Greeted in Treviso with spectator packed streets you can't help but feel like the pro cyclist as you cross the Pinarello branded finish line with cheers and clapping aplenty.